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In the Netherlands: Museum Slot Zeist Singer Museum in Laren de Hooge Schuur in Beusichem Gallery de Bibliotheek in Zelhem Wildlife Art Promotion in Bruinehaar City Museum in Woerden ’t Atelier in Loenen Broederschapshuisjes in Vleuten Art Gallery Het Posthuys in De Koog,Texel Gallery Etcetera in Bergen op Zoom Papiral in Halsteren de Kunstkring in … Lees meer


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Below are examples of quick watercolor sketches made by Geuze in the field.  


Both Dutch as exotic bird species are model in the paintings of Hans j Geuze. He is most inspired by the interplay of their colors and patterns with the environment wherein they live. He also paints bird portrets. A favorite group of birds is the marsh birds, like the Bittern (see his book “Moerasvogels”).  

Butterflies and Moths

As a Wildlife-artist and Biologist, Hans J Geuze is very much interested in the formation of colors and patterns on butterfly wings and their role in the butterfly life. The colors are formed by numerous microscopically small scales on the wings and can be seen as small spots at high magnification. This renders the butterfly wing … Lees meer


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About me

Wildlife-artist/Biologist Hans J Geuze was born in Bergen op Zoom in The Netherlands, and studied Biology at the Free University of Amsterdam where he also obtained his PhD degree. He became professor of Cell Biology at the University of Utrecht in the Netherlands, where he was in charge of a cell biological research group at the Utrecht Medical Center … Lees meer


Many paintings of Wildlife-artist/Biologist Hans j Geuze are the result of nature travels made over the last 30 years. His favourite subjects are birds and butterflies/moths. Hans Geuze’s watercolours and acrylics can also be seen at, the Artists-Researches Guide and the Artists for Nature Foundation. Prices found in the popups are without shipping costs.   Butterflies and Moths  Birds  Landscapes